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The broadcasting group, which started its activities with First FM on November 1, 1996, is the first private broadcasting company in Cyprus. However, he broke another new ground in 1997 by establishing the first private television of Cyprus, "KIBRIS GENC TV". It operates in many areas of the media, from radio to TV channel, magazine, internet journalism, media agency and billboard. Since the first day of its establishment, the Birinci Media Institution continues its broadcasting life with the policy of being impartial, fair and on side of its people. The biggest mission and vision of the Birinci Media Institution, which has not changed since 1996, is to announce the voice of the Turkish Cypriot to the world freely and strongly and to represent our own culture to the world. The First Media Institution is the largest media organization in Cyprus with two active radio stations, four television channels, nearly four hundred billboard channels and one media agency.

Finally, the Birinci Media Institution, which developed its infrastructure in England, continues its activities under the name of "Euro Genc TV" on this road, which started with the slogan of broadcasting all day in the UK. In addition, in the digitalizing world, it generated the website of Secim Kıbrıs and has broken new ground in order to provide the most accurate and impartial information to our society. As the Birinci Media Institution, we are happy and proud of this.




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