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Since the day it was founded, Birinci Group companies have been acting with the awareness that human resources are their most important capital in order to make a difference in competition. Therefore, it attaches great importance to the motivation and satisfaction of its employees.

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Considering its employees as one of their own family, Birinci Global has set out on this path under the slogan "Happy Families Raise Happy Children" considers its employees as their family and companies as their children.

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Our values since the first day are as follows:

It includes elements such as unity, integrity, faith, excellence, responsibility and creativity.

These values guide every decision taken in all of our companies.

As Birinci Global, we believe in a structure created by people who integrate themselves with the future of the company they work for and add value with their work.


Our company mission is under the name of "Birinci Training Centre" that we established under the name of keeping up with the times. We both train our colleagues in their fields of study and support the professional and personal development of our colleagues together with our company values under the name of adapting to our developing world in the best possible way.

With these training and development programs, we believe that our colleagues develop themselves in the best way both personally and professionally and direct their lives in a better way. We aim to ensure the professional development of our employees through vocational and technical training processes.


The main feature sought for candidates to be recruited by Birinci Global is the education, experience, technical knowledge and skills required by the position to be applied for, as well as having character and personality traits that match the First Global values. If you want to be a part of this family, send your CV to Kariyer@birinciglobal.com or info@birinciglobal.com or you can apply to us by filling out the online work application form.

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