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The foundations of the Birinci Group were laid in 1958, when our Honorary President "Our Grandfather" Tekin Birinci stepped into business life.
 ‘Having set out with the vision of making his company of world and introducing it to the world and the dream of being an organization that carries its existence to the future, Birinci found his place among the distinguished businessmen who made many firsts for the Turkish Cypriot in a short time.Birinci, who imported the first colour television for the Turkish Cypriot, and realized many firsts in sectors such as white goods brands, food products, insurance, banking and automotive, has always been a guide in our works by targeting us the principle of  ‘’Want, Believe and Succeed". On the way we set out with this principle, our second generation “father”, Mr. Ertan Birinci, founded our “Birinci Global” company, and in 1996, the first private broadcasting organization in Northern Cyprus, “Birinci Media Institution” with the first private radio, First FM, was the person who started private broadcasting.

In 1997, BIRINCI brought our people together with Kıbrıs Genç TV in order to make the voice of Turkish Cypriots heard to the world. Our organization attaches great importance to Culture, Art, Sports and Cinema. He reopened the cinema sector, which was closed for 15 years in Cyprus, as the Meral Tekin Birinci Foundation, which he chaired with the vision of Ertan Birinci, and eliminated the great deficiency in this direction. KIBRIS GENC TV became the first private Turkish Cypriot television to bring Turkish Cypriots to the satellite in 2005. This great development brought the first honour prize to our organization of making the voice of the Turkish Cypriot heard to the world and received the prize from the hand of the Prime Minister of the time, Mr. Erdogan.

The Birinci Group, currently operating in 7 different sectors (media, education, tourism, digital, fuel, fast moving consumer goods and retail), continues its growth with new investments in education, culture and sports as well as the sectors it serves. With more than 20 companies and more than 300 employees of the Birinci Group, which is also a pioneer and leader in the sectors in which it operates, it serves with a customer-oriented, high-brand quality and hard-working human resource.

The Birinci Group, which is among the pioneers of the firsts in Cyprus, worthy of our name, continues to invest in the business areas that will be beneficial to the country's economy in the globalizing world with its vision of becoming a global company.

Meral-Tekin Birinci education, culture and sports Foundation, named after Meral, the "GRANDMOTHER" of the family, contributes to social assistance and development and contributes to the country as an exemplary organization in this direction with the scholarships and contributions it provides in the fields of sports, education and culture.


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